„A fascinating photographic project that goes directly under the skin.“

About the project

“Hypnotic, touching and creative. A superb homage to Frida Kahlo. This is probably one of the most fascinating art projects I have ever seen.”


The art project “The Eyes of Frida Kahlo” was realized  in the autumn of 2010 with a team of 8 people and the support  of numerous  other persons.

After several weeks of research on Fridas work and the search for a congenial actress to portray Frida, Berlin based photographer Bert Loewenherz finally found that model in the personage of Turkish-German actress Idil Üner. Ten years earlier she already auditioned for the feature role in the Frida movie directed by Julie Taymor.

A periode of intense preparation began. Locations had to be scouted, garments and jewellery had to be inspected, backdrops had to be painted. Fridas makeup, eyebrows and exotic hairstyles were discussed. Cats, parrots and a monkey had to be found. An iron cot, a wheelchair and gynaecological instruments from the 1920s and many other things had to be made available.

Two months later the project had matured and the final shootings were realized during three days on three different locations in the City of Berlin.


 As if Frida was still alive! These photographs irritate, bewitch and fascinate at the same time. Idil Üner as Frida Kahlo in the best role of her life!“

About the photographer

“The Eyes of Frida Kahlo is indelibly etched into my heart” 


Berlin based photographer Bert Loewenherz initially studied psychology. This training and methodology remain evident in his approach to current photographic projects and throughout his work. His prolific selfmotivated and experimental personal works are based on a continuing and genuine fascination with the human condition, and his pictures always convey the sensitivity, soulful participation, and personality of the person involved.

Bert`s portraits are exhibited and collected internationally, appearing in solo exhibitions in Europe, as well as part of the permanent collection of the Polaroid Foundation, USA,  the Bibliotheque Nationale in France and the Fritz Gruber Collection at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne.

His first encounter with Fridas work the photographer desrcibes as “an inspiring mixture of total  shock and fascination. Suddenly I became obsessed with the idea to create my own photographic versions of Fridas selfportraits.”

After several weeks of research on Fridas work Bert Loewenherz began to Iook out for a team of hair & makeup artists, stylists and assistants and was fortunate enough to discover Turkish actress ldil Üner as the perfect model for the project. Two months later the project had matured and the final shootings were realized during three days on three different locations in the City of Berlin.

It was a great challenge for the entire team, to dissect Frida’s strong works, and solve the puzzles – all the surreal, hidden, and symbolic levels of her work in order to translate it photographically.”

Interview with Bert Loewenherz

In this video the photographer talks for the first time about his very personal motivation for this project, how finding the right model presented so many difficulties, and why he considers Frida Kahlo to be a Shaman of the arts.

“Marian spirit and goddess of war – Frida`s essence in one photograph.Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

Petra Kölsch | RBB, Berlin

“A congenial artwork about a legendary artist.”

Nadja Smith | ABC, New York